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Intramural Referee Guidelines



Canceled Games

  • The Medway Youth Soccer website will be updated throughout the day if there are any weather related field closings or delays. Check as needed – www.medwaysoccer.com

Equipment Needed

  • Yellow REFEREE Shirt or USSF Referee Shirt and patch

  • Whistle, Watch, Coin, Pencil and note paper


  • Protect the Players, including the Goalkeeper – help them learn the game.

  • END ON TIME – this may mean shortening the quarters.

  • Communicate with the players and coaches – make calls loudly and clearly and explain if needed

Before the Game

  • Get to the field 15 minutes before game time. At game time, the coaches will start without you; or any qualified referee can take your game and the pay.

  • Call for Captains, coin toss decides which side defends

  • Get game ball from one of the coaches

  • Whistle players onto field, check goalie ready

  • Whistle game to start – CHECK WATCH for time

During the Game

  • Keep up with the play and be confident, courteous and involved.

  • Blow your whistle LOUDLY and make your calls LOUDLY and CLEARLY so that players and coaches know the call.

  • Zero Tolerance Rules Apply to Everyone’s behavior! Call the Ref Coordinator ASAP!

  • Direct players to get the ball, or retrieve it yourself – Keep the Game Moving.

  • Time

  • Each quarter is 12 minutes, running time, no stoppage of the clock.

  • The break between quarters is 2 minutes.

  • Halftime is 5 minutes.



  • All free kicks are Indirect, NO Penalty Kicks

  • Throw-ins can be retaken once. Explain what was wrong.

  • Goalies may go to the top of the goal area to throw the ball out.

  • Subs may be made as in 6v6 rules or injury.

After the Game

  • Return game ball to coach and usher players to sideline so next game can begin immediately.

  • Email score to Referee Assignor – mysreferees@gmail.com. Please indicate team number and goals for each team.

  • You will not be paid if you do not email a score. Scores are due by 5 PM the Monday following the game. Pay information will be submitted every other week to MYS.




Amy Chiplock

508-654-2471 (cell)

E-mail the Referee Coordinator  







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