Medway Night at the Revs!

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*Update 8/22 - we have already sold over 200 tickets!  Get your tickets asap to be in our block of seating!  After our block is sold out, you can still get tickets at our discounted rate, but you will choose seats in different sections.

Here we go, MYS community!  Our link to buy tickets to your favorite night with us is live!  MYS Night at the Revs on Saturday, September 17th!

Ready, set, go get your tickets!!  

*This is our annual MYS night, not to be confused with the extra night in the spring when the Revs offered free player tickets.  There are no free player tickets to this annual event.  Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

**Please note, we have a limited number of tickets.  We will keep you updated as ticket sales go.  Once our tickets are sold out for our Medway section for this game, you will be able to purchase tickets but they will NOT be in the same section.  Please get your tickets early to ensure you’ll be able to be in our section!  🙂⚽️