Micro Soccer Rules

Thank you for volunteering to coach Micro Soccer in the Medway Youth Soccer program.  This handout is to update all new as well as returning coaches on the 4 V 4 Micro Soccer format.

Field Size:

20 X 30 yards, 2 separate fields are set up for each game. Size 3 ball is used.

3v3 or 4v4 Format:

This small-sided format was adopted by Medway Youth Soccer in the Spring of 1999 to allow the children to touch the ball more often, play both offense and defense throughout the game and play more of the “Game.” There are no goalies used.

Prior to the start of the games, a coach needs to divide his or her team into two groups. To maximize the number of ball touches for each child, it is recommended that, generally speaking, one group consists of more developed players (usually the first graders) and the other consists of more beginner type players (usually the kindergarteners). Those groups then play against the other team’s comparable groups on two different fields. The decision to play 3v3 or 4v4 usually comes down to the number of players on each team and is a mutual decision between coaches.


Two 20-minute halves will be played, running time. There will be a five-minute break for halftime.


All children should play equally. Substitutions should be made when the ball is dead – either out of bounds or after a goal. Coaches should ensure equal playing time for all players.

Role of the Coaches:

The head coaches from each team should be on the field during the games.  The coaches should work cooperatively to help explain any infractions. Head coaches should split their time between the two fields – each overseeing a different game each half, so that there is always head coach coverage for each game. The assistants will stay with the players on the sidelines that are not currently on the field in either game.  Coaches should decide on one person to keep the time for both games.


Coaches serve this role.


Small goals are provided for each set of games.

Start and End Times:

Please start and end games on time. Remember, there is often a game after yours and it’s important they can start on time.

Basic Rules of the 4 V 4 Game:

  • No offsides
  • When the ball goes out of bounds over the sidelines (touchline), it is put back into play by a kick-in from the spot it went out of bounds.  The kick-in cannot be shot directly into the goal.
  • When the ball goes out over the goal line, it is put back into play by either a goal kick or a corner kick. This is the decision of the coaches and is based upon which team last touched the ball.
  • Goal kicks shall be taken from within three yards of the goal line. The team not in possession shall withdraw to its defensive half of the field and may not enter its offensive half of the field until the ball has left the penalty area. 
  • After a goal has been scored, play shall begin by a restart at midfield.
  • The coaches act as field supervisors or referees.
  • Players can score from anywhere on the field.
  • All fouls are penalized by an indirect free kick. The opponent must be 3 yards away from the ball at the time of the kick.
  • No slide tackles are allowed.
  • No penalty kicks are allowed.
  • Substitutions can be made at any dead ball or by the coaches mutually agreeing.
  • Equal time shall be allowed for all players.
  • HOME teams should wear blue and AWAY teams should wear white.


All players and coaches may shake hands/fist bump at the conclusion of the match.



No SCORES or STATS should be kept.